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The school’s strong community focus and the tremendous community support that the school enjoys is a feature and integral to the success of the school.

Since the establishment of the school in 1951 fine traditions and a strong feeling of school pride have been developed. High standards have been set for the students by both the school and community. Students are always expected to do their personal best.

Gordon West is certainly an exciting, challenging and rewarding centre of learning where we are striving to be seen as a school of excellence with a definite purpose and direction.

However, the main purpose for our school’s existence is the students and we are all very proud of them, for their achievements big and small and for their commitment to the school and its values and to their fellow students.


2014 Term Dates
Wed 29/1/14-11/4/14
Tues 29/4/14-27/6/14
Tues 15/7/14-19/9/14
Tues 7/10/14-17/12/14

Uniform Shop Price List 2014 Term 3.pdf


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Gordon West Public School
Address: Ryde Road, Pymble NSW 2073
Telephone: 9498 4644
Facsimile: 9498 4436
Email: gordonwest-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au  
Web: www.gordonwest-p.schools.nsw.edu.au